Hi, I'm Tobi

profile shot of Tobi wearing a light blue shirt

I'm a web developer from Germany (NDS/NRW). My main interests are at the intersection of technology, cognitive sciences, and education.

I've the most experience in the front-end with Vue.js and Svelte. I am transitioning to full-stack development by building hobby projects with the meta-framework SvelteKit and Node.js, while using XState for state management:

  • roadmappy.com is a learning platform that uses interactive diagrams to teach web development to beginners. The diagrams are hierarchically linked so that you start with easy topics, while the learner can decide to dive deeper. It currently covers 8 maps, ca. 60 topics and 25.000 words.
  • This blog is built with SvelteKit. You might notice the fast loading times between page transitions. 99% of this site is still functional without JS due to SSR or prerendering.

Take a Look Around

  • My Blog covers web development topics (and other stuff soon™). Also, try out the bilingual feature showing an article in one language and its translation next to each other. I challenged myself to built this only with CSS. It could cool for learning a language.
  • Projects describes the projects I've worked on during my bachelor studies (informatics and media applications), 3 years working as a developer and master studies (cognitive science).
  • About covers my personal background.
  • Now is about my current life focus and interests.

You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub or Stack Overflow.

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